Ep. 34 – fish tacos

Everything from scratch and adapted, because well, we are on the wrong continent. ?

Salsa: a raw mango, more sour than lemons – the specialty of local supermarkets – combined with some canned papaya, a red pepper and some pickled jalapenos. Finely chopped, let the flavors mix.

Fish: fish fillets – cod, in my case – put them in the oven on baking paper, with salt, pepper, cumin and some lemon.

Tortilla: I recommend you buy them from the store. I made it in the pan (flour, water, salt and a little olive oil), but after they smoked my whole house, they still came out of the consistency of the pancake. A rubber pancake. :)))) The real ones are made from some very fine corn flour, honestly I didn’t even look to see if there are any in our store… Anyway, if you make them at home, the dough should have at least the consistency of bread (note to myself, for the next time: D).

Vegetables: finely chopped red cabbage, green parsley, red/ green onions.

Sauce: mayo with lime. Jar mayonnaise thinned with lime juice. Some salt and pepper.

Combined. You eat until you pop. ?

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