Ep. 28 – carp brine

Weeeeeell, Claudia, don’t you tell us now that you know how to make brine? ? Me, only in theory, but my father knows ❤

I thought you got bored of so many cakes and it would be time to have some more proteins. :)) In this case, carp brine with the fish caught by my father. Because when we catch the fish, we eat it. ?

The carp is washed, cleaned and salted, then is grilled. We also cook on the grill some capsicums, bell peppers, hot peppers and tomatoes. We peel the peppers and clean the seeds and do the same with tomatoes, and cut them into big pieces.

In a saucepan we put the fish, on top of it the vegetables, we add water, salt, pepper and let it boil until is ready (not too much, but the juice should taste like all the ingredients).

Well you little disaster, but who is fishing now on this time? You can fish from the store, from the fishmonger or from the freezer. ? You can find vegetables at the supermarket, you still have to find a grill and time to grill the ingredients. Hmm, you might find ready-baked peppers in the store or you can cook some hot peppers quickly on the stove, so you see, there are lots of possibilities, you just need some will. ?

The carp brine is eaten hot, with polenta and garlic sauce or with a fork, if you are not a fan of polenta. :))

And if you survived, I’ll be waiting for you next week, with other recipes. ?

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