Special ep. – pumpkin cream soup

From Oana, we have a special recipe today. ?

So I don’t know what’s with the extra healthy vegan recipes (not where the idea that vegans are extra healthy comes from, but that’s another discussion…), but you say that the authors conceived them during a delirium in which the thought was on steaks and cheeses, but they were systematically hitting their fingers with a roller, because, doh, you can’t write a cookbook with everything in it, ’cause then you’re the same as the rest of the world that doesn’t shine. It seems that’s all they have in mind, how to replace dishes to get the fasting ones.

I opened this month’s cookbook with the utmost interest because it’s October, if now you don’t have options with what you have picked from the garden, then I don’t know… I was already rubbing my hands that I will for sure get an American veggie spread. Or, well, other treats with vegetables. Nothing, nope, nada. Breakfast dreams of milk and butter and wishful thinking. Smoothies, I promise to make them when I don’t have any more teeth, until then I chew. I had found hummus as entrée, but I won’t make you hummus again because you’ll block me. And some bruschettas with tomatoes (cool!) and strawberries drowned in balsamic vinegar and rolled in basil AND mint (whyyyy? !!! :))))))

Veggie burgers are proposed for lunch. Life is empty without avocado (why? In fact, I know why, so that you don’t get hungry again in 10 minutes, but the avocado consumed in excess is harmful, too…), and the salads are sprinkled with almond/ pecan parmesan. I didn’t even know. Seasoned in excess, as if we would not realize that the recipes do not have beef and real Parmesan. Well, I would. :))) For dessert vegan cakes with vegetable milk and butter and cream. Listen here that I only say once: if you have no problem with lactose and it has nothing to do with you, vegetable alternatives are neither tastier, nor cheaper, nor healthier, on the contrary, if they are filled with sugar to have some taste… And, yes, even though they are raw, we still can’t put in the cakes matched with the kilogram. As I said.

I was so upset by the disrespect for the delicious tastes of the vegetable world, that I got a butternut squash at a great offer and in order not to stay hungry, I made you a cream soup because autumn is coming, cover my heart with something. I did a google search and based my creation on the first result, a recipe by Jamie Oliver. Do a search to see how he does it, what came out to me is the minimalist version for the lazy hungry: D.


1 red onion

1 carrot

2 cloves of garlic

a bit of hot peppers – be careful not to come out too hot, as mine

olive oil

1 kg of pumpkin butternut

1 liter of chicken or vegetable soup

pumpkin seeds

It’s quite easy peasy. Peel, cut and sauté the onion, carrot, garlic, pepper and a pinch of salt and pepper. After 10 minutes add the peeled pumpkin and cut into cubes and soup and cook together for about 30 minutes. When ready, blend everything and serve it with fried pumpkin seeds. Tasty, even the kid ate it, nourishing, I will make it again and try the version with Parmesan croutons. Bon Appetit and have a good veggie spread like me :).

You have to have two drops of soup next to it for maximum artistic effect!

The recipe should have been from book number five proposed at the cookingbookclub in September/ October, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, by Angela Liddon, but as the members of our select club have full freedom of action, this time we have a creative process in pure form. ?

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