Special ep. – festive couscous

Well, the trick of this main course – garnish are the spices. Usually I made couscous mixed with a little salt or vegeta. This time, however, I used, as written in the recipe, a mixture of spices, which raised the couscous to another level. 😀

To prepare the recipe, boil a large cup of water. Meanwhile, put a cup of couscous in a porcelain bowl and mix with the following spices: cinnamon, paprika, cumin, coriander and salt or vegeta. One dust from each. Pour hot water on top to cover plus a finger. Place a plate or lid on top and allow the couscous to absorb water and become edible. Check the package for how much water you need for every hundred grams.

Because you don’t want it to stick, add a teaspoon of olive oil before pouring hot water.

When it is cooked – the water is completely absorbed, mix the spiced couscous with the pomegranate seeds and pre-soaked raisins (I recycled raisins from the bags of nuts & raisins, because I don’t like to eat them dry :)))).

Garnish with pomegranate seeds and green parsley, if you have any. You will get two very generous servings. 🙂

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