Ep. 69 – and even more beautiful veggie lasagna

For years, a picture of a box of German lasagna haunted me. Between the layers of pasta you could see the juicy vegetables, super artistically arranged and layers of nauseating bechamel sauce. ? Luckily I became an adult and discovered that, well, the recipes exist to be changed. :)) Which is why I started making lasagna with vegetables often, very often and extremely often. ?

It is logical that it won’t be a disaster if you use a wide range of vegetables. ? In this case, carrots, celery, parsnips, eggplants and some peppers, cleaned, chopped, seasoned with salt, pepper, mint, basil, thyme. Put in the pan, on the fire, with oil and in addition a bit of water. Towards the end, add a box of tomatoes in the sauce (you can chop them or put them in a blender). The idea is to make the vegetables soft and to have enough sauce.

In a pan, put a little sauce, add the pasta sheets (I keep them a little in hot water before) and, alternatively, the vegetable sauce. For example 4 rows of pasta and 3 rows of vegetables. Mozzarella or grated cheese put on top (if you want, between layers too). Some extra tomato sauce on top.

In the hot oven for a maximum of half an hour.

If you haven’t eaten two servings at once, it means that your lasagna has gone bad and you have to start over. ?

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