Special ep. – fruit salad with antioxidants

Nigella fruit salad with just three ingredients. 🙂 Plus antioxidants and lots of vitamins. 😀

Guess why I chose the recipe? Because it had mangoes in it!!! I just ate the mango until I made the fruit salad, like a real disaster, lol.

So I adapted. Which I recommend to you every time. Don’t cling to the ingredients, be creative! With limits, of course. 🙂

My salad had a pear, cleaned, washed and cut into large cubes as the main fruit (instead of mango). The other two were blueberries from the freezer and pomegranate seeds. Nigella also suggested some lime juice, but I skipped this time.

A portion comes out. In a fancy glass. If you want a posh version, you can add some liqueur. But do not drive after consuming. 😛

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