[cakesandcoffee 20] – Zserbó or Greta Garbo cake

Jó reggelt kívánok or morning! From today until Christmas, you can try the best Transylvanian cake every day, Zserbó – Jerbo, Gerbeaud, Greta Garbo or a five-sheet walnut cake, as my grandmother wrote in her recipe book. The cake is named after Emil Gerbeaud, a Swiss confectioner, chocolate maker and entrepreneur of Hungarian descent, who

[cakesandcoffee 15] – sponge cake

Today at coffee we have sponge cake (chec in Romanian), the best and simplest local cake, which our mother makes us since childhood. The cake I know is fluffy, white and cocoa top, with/ without nuts and that melts in your mouth. Yes, a super delicious disaster! 😛 Ingredients: 8 eggs, 8 tablespoons oil, 1

Ep. 135 – Stuffed Pumpkin

At the last editorial meeting of the kitchen disasters between me and my other personalities, one as stormy as those of Caragiale, lol, I came to the conclusion that this Halloween / Local Harvest Day we will promote a recipe stolen from friends . :)) One with a lot of honey to erase the sour-bitter

Special ep. [withyeastandflour] – French toast

Well, this competitive break is good for something. 😀 For example, I found out that the bread in the egg, which you know as ‘frigănele’, is actually French toast. If I stretch the egg with water, others use milk; plus the topping can be honey, or sugar, or sweet and spicy syrups. Like some kind

Ep. 100 – Claudia cake :)

After exactly 10 years since I got the recipe and 99 episodes of #disasterinthekitchen, I set out to make the only cake that, for unexplained reasons, is called Claudia. 🙂 Although, originally, it is also known as Albina or Albinița cake, more than likely due to the bee honey sheets. 🙂 Hungarians have their own

Ep. 99 – 3 variants of pancakes/ crepes batter

If you arrive in the area this weekend, you can join the famous pancake festival in Prejmer, the reason for the carnival before Mardi Gras. Fashing – how is called locally, which begins on 11:11 at 11:11 a.m., includes all sorts of parties and festivities, including a carnival with a parade of masks and street

Ep. 95 – grilled polenta with cheese (bulz)

In honor of a new day off, today we have a traditional recipe, which comes from the Thracians who traveled to the new world and returned with the corn cobs back. 😛 To get it out, you need quality bellows cheese (brânză de burduf, in Romanian). At least that’s what my mother says, who is

Ep. 92 – turkey drowning soup: D

Well, if we all ended up healthy in the new year twenty-twenty, I stole a recipe from my friends with Hungarian grandparents. 😛 Pulyka nyuvaszto or turkey drowning soup translated takes you out of the drunkenness of the holidays with the speed of Transylvanian light. 🙂 How do you make a turkey drowning soup? In

Ep. 87 – quince stew

I wanted to brag with the food that I made with these two little hands…. only that my father was not impressed at all and he is the only one who appreciates the classic quince food in our family. ? So today we have a classic recipe, in a slightly disastrous version. ? The recipe

Ep. 76 – pickled salad

I don’t know about others, but when I think of pickles, I salivate instantly! :)) It is true that due to global warming we no longer consume so many pickles (or because we no longer drink alcohol ?? ?), but Xmas cannot come if we have not made at least one pickled salad. ? Well,

Ep. 74 – minciunele (sweet fried ribbons)

Minciunele (in English, little lies) or scovergi or sweet fried ribbons, a traditional Romanian sweet pastry. 6 egg yolks, 100g wine, 1 teaspoon butter, flour as it needs. Fried in an oil bath. Oioioioiiii how good they were !!! ❤ I could tell a lie that I made them, but no, I’m too much of

Special ep. – pogăci baby :)

The Hungarian in me made some relatively good biscuits – the one we call pogăci – using my mother’s friend’s recipe. ? Relatively good, they had an unexpected success, people requesting them again, even though I think the dough should have grown more. :)) Well, it’s the kind of recipe that sounds very simple in

Ep. 41 – potato soup with tarragon

I went through a period when everything I cooked had tarragon. Don’t ask me why, I have no explanations for disastrous behaviors… :))) Well, a classic soup from Transylvania. You would take a pork chop and boiled it super well, then combined it with vegetables and potatoes and seasoned with tomato juice and tarragon, plus

Ep. 6 – Rhubarb and Meringue Cake

You can find that great recipe online. I would have done it too, I just forgot to buy milk from the store. Well, I’ve been craving this cake since the heat started, but that doesn’t mean I’m also planned. :))) So I found myself in front of the heated oven, with some of the ingredients

Ep. 4 – Transylvanian Chilli

Onions, garlic, carrots, parsnips, peppers if you have, finely chopped, plus oil, salt, pepper, paprika, some hot peppers, for sure cumin, oregano or basil, plus canned tomatoes, plus some smoked meat as it is made in Transylvania, plus canned red beans. Chilli is made with minced beef, at some point I will make the original