Ep. 99 – 3 variants of pancakes/ crepes batter

If you arrive in the area this weekend, you can join the famous pancake festival in Prejmer, the reason for the carnival before Mardi Gras. Fashing – how is called locally, which begins on 11:11 at 11:11 a.m., includes all sorts of parties and festivities, including a carnival with a parade of masks and street processions. In Ţara Bârsei, Prejmer village keeps this Saxon tradition alive. 🙂

Whether you arrive or not, today we have three recipes for pancakes/ crepes dough to try at home. Plus an infinity of filling ideas. 😀

1) Pancakes/ crepes with whatever it is, of the famous Radu Anton Roman.

Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 tablespoon flour, salt, 1 glass of milk (100 ml).

Egg whisked with flour, add a pinch of salt and milk. The dough is left to breathe for 15 minutes, after which the pancakes/ crepes are poured one by one into a 20-25 cm pan, greased with a thin film of sunflower oil, about half a ladle and fry for about half a minute on each side. I got 4 pieces in a medium frying pan, by Ikea.

If you make a larger quantity, I suggest you add a little oil directly to the dough, otherwise you have to grease the pan every time, so that the dough does not stick.

2) Crepes, by Julia Child.

Ingredients: 1 cup cold milk (250 ml), 1 cup cold water (250 ml), 4 eggs, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 11/2 cup flour, 4 tablespoons melted butter.

The same procedure, beaten eggs, added salt, flour, water, milk and finally melted butter. Mixed well so that there are no lumps of flour, left in the fridge for about 2 hours. Fried in a pan, initially greased with a thin film of oil, the dough is poured thinly, you will get approx. 20-30 pieces.

I put 4 tablespoons of oil instead of butter and kept the dough in the fridge for about half an hour, after which it seemed too thick, so I added some more milk. A really nice dough came out!!!

Radu Anton Roman said that the French pancake is more brittle and more porous than the mioritic one, but the French dough seemed impeccable to me.

3) Pancakes/ crepes like my father’s, the #familydisaster #pinkprincess recipe.

At my house, my father is responsible for pancakes, because a) he knows how to make the dough and b) he knows how to turn the pancakes in the pan with just one hand. 🙂

Ingredients: 2-3 eggs, 1 liter of milk, a pinch of salt, flour as much as it contains, some sunflower oil.

Well, as in the previous recipes, whisk the eggs and a little salt, alternately add flour and milk so that a dough comes out neither too thick nor too liquid – just like pancake/ crepes dough :P. At the end a little oil and possibly a little mineral water (they come out more porous). Leave it to stand for a while (you will see that the dough thickens, as a result you may add a little more milk), after which they are also fried in the pan initially greased with a drop of oil.

The challenge is to make a dough as thin as possible, from as few eggs as possible. 😀

If you destroy the dough, no problem, we’ll fix it. 🙂 If it is too thick, add some more milk or water. If it is too thin, add some more flour, but not directly, because it will be lumpy, but separately in another bowl, diluted in the dough. If you put too few eggs and do not tie the pancakes in the pan, then in a separate bowl mix some eggs with flour and dilute them with dough. If they stick, it means you haven’t put enough fat in, so add a little more oil (don’t overdo it, don’t make French fries :)))

Well, and if we finished the dough, what do we do now? 🙂 The classic pancake fillings, at least in my cultural area, are jam, urdă (local fresh white cheese similar with ricotta) and dill or cottage cheese and raisins (I ate the best ones at Rapid… go figure 🙂 ). Nutella is a relatively new invention and crepes Suzette is no longer in style. Ice cream can be a variation for the heat that will come. Otherwise, creativity is the basis (if you don’t want sweet fillings, you can try salty).

So this weekend, for Fashing and/ or Dragobete, love Romanian (or Saxon or French) roll up your sleeves and burn pancakes/ crepes! 😛 And, to give you from the house, on Tuesday, after Dragobete, we have a disastrous recipe for pancakes, straight from the Asian continent. 😀

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂  If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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