Special ep. – pogăci baby :)

The Hungarian in me made some relatively good biscuits – the one we call pogăci – using my mother’s friend’s recipe. ? Relatively good, they had an unexpected success, people requesting them again, even though I think the dough should have grown more. :))

Well, it’s the kind of recipe that sounds very simple in the recipe book and fills you with hell in practice, because the whole process takes a long time, it requires several rows of packaging and finally you take them out of the oven and although they look burnt, when you cut them they don’t seem to be done. Real disaster!

The base of the dough is a mixture of 500g flour, salt, 2 egg yolks, 10g yeast, 2 tablespoons sour cream, 100g butter (I mixed margarine and lard) and about three quarters of a glass of milk. Kneaded and leavened in the heat. Meanwhile, 500g of pork rinds are passed through the meat grinder, mixed with pepper and salt (if necessary) and divided into three.

In the next step, the leavened dough is spread in a sheet on which we will put a third of the pork rinds paste and which we will wrap in four. Leave to ferment for a quarter of an hour, spread on the sheet, redo the process, packed in the same direction, repeat. Last time, spread it thick, with two fingers, cut it with the glass, make stripes with a knife and grease it with beaten egg.

I stretched them out with one finger and I didn’t bother with the stripes anymore, because that wasn’t the case. :))

I baked them in the hot oven over medium heat for more than 20 minutes. I’m not clear yet, but next time I hope to catch the temperature and time. If you cut them and they look unripe inside, it’s from the fat in the pork rinds. Of course they may be really undone, but you’ll only find out when they get cold. :)))

I had to taste all three trays several times to make sure they were made a little. Which is why I’m not on the scales this month. :))))

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