Ep. 95 – grilled polenta with cheese (bulz)

In honor of a new day off, today we have a traditional recipe, which comes from the Thracians who traveled to the new world and returned with the corn cobs back. 😛

To get it out, you need quality bellows cheese (brânză de burduf, in Romanian). At least that’s what my mother says, who is the number one fan of grilled polenta with chees (or bulz, as we call it) and to whom this recipe is due. If you have relatives from Bran, than is super easy. If you don’t have one, look for it, look for more… everyone has a relative in Bran. Or a shepherd. LOL.

If not, buy from the store. Don’t forget to take a bag of polenta. And salt. And aluminum foil. And charcoal for the grill.

Well, first of all you will prepare a polenta. A hard polenta. That is, water + salt + boil + polenta + mix well over low heat, until your hand hurts and (possibly) you burn yourself with the jumpy polenta. 🙂

On the table you will prepare the ball or “bulz”: spread a layer of polenta, put bellows cheese and butter on top, cover with polenta and give it a round shape so that the cheese is inside. Wrap the bulge in aluminum foil.

When all the balls are ready, light the grill. Somewhere outside, preferably not in the house. :))) Let the balls be done directly on the coals, for about 20 minutes.

If done, the cheese and butter should melt inside. If not, this is it, next time. :))

What if it’s cold and it’s snowing outside? All right, a hot yummy yummy yummy bulz.

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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