Ep. 87 – quince stew

I wanted to brag with the food that I made with these two little hands…. only that my father was not impressed at all and he is the only one who appreciates the classic quince food in our family. ? So today we have a classic recipe, in a slightly disastrous version. ?

The recipe is from a book by Sanda Marin and can be made with quince, prunes or pears.

Meat cut into large pieces, washed and put in a saucepan and lightly fried with a tablespoon of lard, then fill with water and leave it to boil, over low heat, as in Transylvanian style. I think I used some turkey breast… if it wasn’t a chicken from this, more developed. :)))) The quinces cleaned and cut into large pieces are also fried separately in lard. Super vegan, as they say. :)))) When the meat is almost cooked, add the quinces. And a burnt sugar sauce (burnt caster sugar, over which water is poured and leave until the sugar melts) with some flour in it. Another half hour on the fire or in the oven.

It has a fragrant, sweet-sour taste. If you don’t want lard, use sunflower oil.

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