Ep. 74 – minciunele (sweet fried ribbons)

Minciunele (in English, little lies) or scovergi or sweet fried ribbons, a traditional Romanian sweet pastry. 6 egg yolks, 100g wine, 1 teaspoon butter, flour as it needs. Fried in an oil bath. Oioioioiiii how good they were !!! ❤

I could tell a lie that I made them, but no, I’m too much of a disaster. :))) My mother’s friend made them and I remembered the times when my grandmother used to make similar things out of bread dough. It’s just that she didn’t have that much patience and as a result hers were bigger. ?

Wiki says that they are from Roman times, as a result we find them in many countries. They usually have sugar in the composition and powdered sugar on top, but these here are a dietary option. ? Wine can be replaced with water or brandy.

If you make them, feel free to contact me. ?

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