Ep. 92 – turkey drowning soup: D

Well, if we all ended up healthy in the new year twenty-twenty, I stole a recipe from my friends with Hungarian grandparents. 😛

Pulyka nyuvaszto or turkey drowning soup translated takes you out of the drunkenness of the holidays with the speed of Transylvanian light. 🙂

How do you make a turkey drowning soup?

In a pot, fry some Transylvanian bacon, cut into pieces. In the hot lard, toss some finely chopped onions and paprika, then quench with water.

You make flour dumplings: egg, flour, salt, you have to make a harder dough. You put them with the teaspoon in the soup.

In the end, you drown everything in sauerkraut juice.

If you haven’t soured it enough, add some more lemon…


For those of you who are vegan and make a wry face, the recipe has caught the war, as a result it is an interesting combination of fats and carbohydrates, plus bacteria, which will keep your hunger away and protect your body. And no, it can’t be made with soy dumplings and coconut butter. 🙂

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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