Cookingbookclub 12 | Nigella’s recipes

As you can remember, this year we are cooking from #321sourcesofinspiration, the last one for this year being Nigella Lawson.

Which Nigella just got a new TV show based on a new book called “Cook.Eat.Repeat.” I watched two episodes and had a lot of fun to see what disasters is cooking, omgosh. 😛

As for the recipes I tried, I don’t know how it fit, but it came out of a whole Christmas menu. 🙂 A vegan entree, a main course (if you are vegan eat only the garnish) and a dessert; plus a cocktail.

The fantastic thing is that the dishes have been matched, including with the decor, such a rare disaster. :))))))

I chose older recipes, which can also be found on the website, but also in the Nigella Christmas book: Food, Family, Friends, Festivites, from 2008. I also modified here and there, but in general I followed the ingredients and instructions. Wonderful, I know! 😛

So, below are the recipes I’ve tried, and I hope that whatever you cook this month will be a colorful disaster and one that you will enjoy eating. 🙂

ANTREE: Red salad

A quick salad made from beans, red onions and tomatoes. Plus it’s nourishing and with proteins. See the recipe here.

MAIN TYPE: Festive couscous

The best couscous, with pomegranates and raisins, the recipe is here.

MAIN TYPE: Turkey strips

My rough translation, a goodness of turkey with vegetables, black olives and almond flakes, like here.

DESSERT: Fruit salad with antioxidants

Modified, it’s not with mango, it’s with pears and two more ingredients. Very, very good. See the recipe.

COCKTAIL: Amaretto Sour

A low-alcohol drink, perfect for fruit salad. I accidentally made it because I had amaretto in the house. Yup. The recipe here.

The next virtual meeting of our club will be at the beginning of January.

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