Special ep. – turkey strips

Well, this is a pretty modified recipe. Because Nigella’s original was with grated Parmesan cheese on top and a sauce with eggs and cream. Sorry, we don’t serve that this year. 🙂 If you want this version, look for “Ed’s Victorious Turkey Hash”, as the original recipe is called.

My variant: a piece of turkey breast, pre-boiled and cut in strips, left on a plate. Separately, in a frying pan, harden a diced red onion in olive oil, over which add a diced bell pepper, two chopped garlic cloves, then add the turkey strips. At the end add two or three tablespoons of almond flakes and some whole black olives. If you do not have bell peppers, large slices of boiled carrot. Season with salt, pepper and tabasco.

Two generous portions come out, without Parmesan on top. 🙂 To be eaten with festive couscous.

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