[thegreenkitchen6] – this year I am learning to change little by little

From the beginning of this year until now, our disaster kitchen should have green walls, green furniture and green plates and a cup of coffee. And we probably have shiny green hair and green scales on the tail and most days we will only see green in front of our eyes. LOL. 😛 But who is most eco-responsible, who, who, who? 🙂

If you managed to change your behavior by 180 degrees, congratulations, you are the coolest in the parking lot (also green 😀 ). If you have changed here and there, by the essential parts, it is more than I hoped, I will organize the dance. And provide the lettuce too. 😛 And if you keep doing everything you’ve done so far, not too much, not at all, it’s ok, we don’t mind. Including if you wanted to, but it didn’t come out for various reasons. We only get angry if you realize that you are doing nonsense, but you are doing it because you are a free Dacian. Which case I don’t understand what you’re looking for here…

I have days and days, good times and sometimes bad times when it comes to shopping, cooking and ordering food. And because I’ve been doing this for years, I can confirm that in the world we live in, it’s hard to be super eco-friendly, that people look at you strangely. And that in essence the strategies are not very complicated, but that practice kills us.

I don’t think we need to put too much pressure on ourselves, but we can learn and change a little bit every day. If we do this, we will also inspire those around us, family and friends. And they, in turn, will inspire those around them. And that’s how we’ll end up living in a better society. For hope dies last.

And if you are passionate about the subject, then you can put pressure on companies – shops and restaurants; start with the ones that have policies designated on the site, but in reality do the opposite. And put pressure on politicians, that’s why we chose them, to create a healthy society in the long run.

Tomorrow we will have the book #cookingbookclub from which we will cook this year’s Christmas recipes. And when you have another day off and you don’t know what to do with it, reread the articles in this series and reflect on what you’re doing right now and what you could do better so that your kitchen is the greenest and most beautiful. 🙂

#letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green. Read all the episodes here. And if you’re a beginner disaster, here is a crash class in cooking.

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