Special ep.: Jamila’s special hamburger buns recipe

For 8-10 pieces, we make dough from 350g lukewarm water, 570g flour, 10g yeast, 3g oil, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 egg, salt. I made half a portion and they came out approx. 5 buns of 100g each. From the water, yeast, sugar and a little flour we make the leaven and leave it to rise

Ep. 97 – maneesh

Manakish, manaeesh, man’ousheh comes from the Middle East (originally from Lebanon) and is a flat bread similar to pizza. The dough can be covered with thyme, cheese or minced meat. Thyme topping and other spices are called Za’atar. I used Paul Hollywood’s recipe, which says that for one serving (3 large pieces) you need 500g

Ep. 81 – ciabatta

Chef says, let’s make ciabatta, my oven bakes better than yours. In case you didn’t know, my oven is also a small disaster, it burns everything it catches. :))) Well, said and done, I go to the home of the miracle oven and the process went as follows: Chef made ciabatta and I looked at