[greenkitchen5] – this year I use less energy and plastic

You know how it is, theory as theory, practice kills us. Perfectly illustrated by the theme of today’s episode. 🙂 It’s time to talk about energy and plastic in our green kitchen.

If you came here by chance, we’re not talking about painting the walls green or buying green dishes. 😛 Because we are concerned about the planet, we try to change our behavior towards food so that we live an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly life. Do you think I’m talking about fiction? 🙂 Fortunately, my friends and I have been testing these principles for many years, and we know that we can learn something new every day. Which I recommend to you too. 🙂

So, let’s recap this year’s lessons: we throw away as little food as possible, because we have a shopping list and plan what we want to eat, we never throw away fries or ice cream (never ever!!!!) and we are fans of salad, vegetables and fruits at least half a plate, some of us have days with vegetables and if we have leftovers, we recombine them, freeze them and eat them. We eat everything and sometimes we lick the plate. 😀

The big question is how to use as little energy as possible and how to get rid of plastic. Whoever finds the perfect solution will probably receive a Nobel Prize.


I use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags

I buy fruits and vegetables that are not in plastic bags

I use reusable containers where possible (eg olives)

I buy in bulk, where possible

I buy from eco-friendly stores

I buy energy efficient equipments


I cook as simple as possible

I cook with fresh ingredients that do not require heat processing

I cook with plastic-free utensils

I use energy efficient appliances


I order mix of processed food and unprocessed food (salads)

I order in reusable containers

I order in recyclable or compostable containers

I have a reusable cup of coffee

I avoid disposable packaging

I order from nearby locations

I order from locations with energy efficiency policies (are there any?)

It is very interesting how we have changed all our ecological behaviors in 30 years, because plastic is a recent invention, and Romanians have gone through years of major power outages. For example, the fact that I allow myself to cook more portions and freeze is a merit of the present times – we will see how long it will be possible, because before ’89 it would not have been possible.

As for energy efficiency, this cannot be done overnight. But when you are planning a renovation or your appliance breaks down, one of the purchasing criteria may be energy efficiency. On the other hand, I don’t know which is more eco-friendly, an old appliance that consumes more but can be repaired and used for many years, or a new appliance that consumes less but which, when broken, ends up in the trash?

I think that the most energy efficient cooking is quite logical: anything that you can cook without a fire/ fridge/ mixer and eat quickly; in summer and autumn when you have many options, it is quite easy; winter is more complicated. Also, it is more efficient to cook more dishes in a day, which will last you for a week, than to burn the oven for three days in a row – especially if it is one like mine, which is slower to heat.

As for plastic, we would get rid of this problem if it weren’t all plastic. If that’s not possible, at least let’s get rid of disposable plastic.

#letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green. Read all the episodes here. And if you’re a beginner disaster, here is a crash class in cooking.

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