Ep. 112 – broccoli cream soup

Well, if you haven’t learned anything new in lockdown, then you haven’t isolated yourself properly. 🙂 In my case, I learned that broccoli cream soup does not bite, which is the achievement of the year. :))) In a pot put a carrot, some leeks, about 6 cloves of garlic, a parsnip, a medium potato, a

Ep. 22 – Green Bean Soup

Well, let’s say it’s a soup because it’s not sour and it doesn’t have too many tomatoes in it. :)) (Otherwise should be “ciorbă”, the local equivalent for a sour soup). Preparing and cooking it takes less than a windows update. 🙂 First open the refrigerator (or pantry, as appropriate). Identify some soup vegetables, e.g.

Ep. 13 – Beet Borscht

Tell us right now, did you succeed in not altering the original recipe? Weeeell…. :)))) Inspired by our neighbors (Ukrainians, Russians or Poles, as you prefer) beet borscht can be a long soup, my case, or not, in the case of Jamie Oliver. And even a cream soup made with a blender, if you start

Ep. 8 – Sort of Asian Soup

Well Claudia, don’t tell us you burned the soup too?!! :)))) I didn’t burned it, but I was close. 🙂 Yes, I know, I am a disaster. 🙂 This is a classic story: I put some thighs in a pot of water and started the fire. After that I went to the laptop, only for