[cakesandcoffee 8] – whipped cream cappuccino

Cappuccino with whipped cream, Kapuziner, café Viennois or Viennese cappuccino, probably appeared in the Austro-Italian parts in the 18th century. And one of the Habsburg legacies. 🙂 Cappuccino is a drink made up of three parts: a shot of espresso, a shot of hot milk and a part of milk foam. A total of 150-180

[cakesandcoffee 4] – 3 cool coffees

If you want to impress your gang, today we have not one, but three (!!!) fancy coffee recipes. Which you can do at home without too much logistics. 🙂 Black coffee Simple, black coffee with no sugar, no milk or other additives. 🙂 It is the easiest way to make coffee. Basically you need a

[cakesandcoffee 3] – Cardamom Coffee Affogato

From the special series #cakesandcoffee today we have a very special recipe, a combined dessert, ice cream and coffee. 🙂 Affogato is an Italian dessert, based on coffee, respectively a cup of vanilla ice cream “drowns” in a shot of hot espresso. Newer recipes combine the two ingredients with liqueur, but I think the basic