[cakesandcoffee 18] – plum cake

Because it is the autumn fruit season, today we have a plum cake, a disaster that is easy to make and super delicious. 😛 Basically, we have a sponge cake that we combine with some plums. If you don’t want plums, you can use pears or other seasonal fruits. For sponge cake we need 4

[cakesandcoffee 16] – puff pastry with sour cherries

Well, it should have been a sour cherry strudel. I just didn’t have the time and desire to roll out the dough, so I turned to the puff pastry supply in the freezer. It turned out to be a medium-sized, slightly burnt disaster (because of the oven, not me, lol), with some fruit and the

[cakesandcoffee 7] – Pear Cake

Maybe you’re wondering what Chef is up to these days? He’s dealing with cakes. :))))) This recipe came in handy, because otherwise I would have had to stress you with a coffee with amaretto or maybe a fruit tart… But don’t worry, we’ll see in the next episode… ? So today we have a clean

Special ep. – Quince Tart

Quince tart, has the smell of autumn and the taste of ginger. :))) It is also a variant with very little sugar, 1-2 tablespoons for 1 kg of fruit. The dough is also half the normal amount: I made two sheets of 125g flour with 63g butter and 3 tablespoons of cold water, a pinch

Special ep. [fromcommunism] – căcăuele

Well, but what are “căcăuele”? 🙂 They are small cakes with jam, cocoa and nuts, similar to muffins and cut with a glass, in the shape of a crescent. Hence the name in Romanian – the synonym for crescent is “semilună”. The recipe comes from Oana’s mother’s notebook. 🙂 You need 3 eggs, 1 cup

Ep. 99 – 3 variants of pancakes/ crepes batter

If you arrive in the area this weekend, you can join the famous pancake festival in Prejmer, the reason for the carnival before Mardi Gras. Fashing – how is called locally, which begins on 11:11 at 11:11 a.m., includes all sorts of parties and festivities, including a carnival with a parade of masks and street

Special ep. – Christmas gingerbread

Gingerbread, turtă dulce, Lebkuchen. A variety of biscuits sweetened with honey or molasses and seasoned with ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and especially cloves. It is said that in the beginning they were recommended for indigestion, to later be part of the traditional Christmas sweets. It is also true that the spices are perfect for the cold

Ep. 26 – plum dumplings (bonus, some corn)

Assuming you haven’t made all the plums jam or brandy, it’s time to celebrate the end of September with a large pot of plum dumplings (gomboți, Zwetschgenknodel, szilvasgomboc, Knedle ze śliwkami). While you say dumpling using all those versions, remove the kernel from the plums, leaving them, if possible, whole. ? If you don’t succeed,