Cookingbookclub 13

Well, with this article we enter season 3 of our reading and cooking club, which, surprisingly, has generated some disastrously tasty attempts in the past years. I don’t know about you, but I relaxed looking for recipes through books, websites and Youtube. And let’s not start talking about the extra kilograms. :)))))

As you have already become accustomed to, we will have a proposal every two months this year, respectively we have about a month to read, find recipes, try what we like and send feedback. If we want, of course. 🙂

Last year we had #321sourcesofinspiration. This year comes with #foodfriendslove.

I have chosen sources of inspiration from the world of Contest Chefs, but also celebrities and famous bloggers and we will also have many recipes inspired by family food; we will try to have 1:1 parity between women and men and include natives. 🙂 In short, we will become upgraded disasters. :))

And now let me tell you how I came to this topic: until the coronavirus it was common to cook for friends or see them and cook together and have an evening with games, good music, debates and active relaxation. I never appreciated the symbolism of simple gestures, because they were something natural in our lives. After that we found ourselves stuck, each at his own house and a situation that seemed temporary became permanent… and we were forced to learn to live in the new reality. So yes, for me food is not only a source of nutrients, but also a time to socialize with loved ones, family and friends. I can only wish for me – and for you – as many moments spent with good food and love as much as it gets. 🙂

Hallmark moment being over 😛 let me tell you about this year’s first proposal.

This month we are cooking recipes inspired by Gordon Ramsay. Yes, Ramsay himself, and no, he is not gonna yell at us. :))) Gordon has a looooong list of published books and as many masterclass courses (for £ 50 he teaches you how to make a tonic gin, lol), plus a book called “Cooking for Friends”. 🙂 You can find it in bookstores, on Youtube, Insta, his own website and, extremely importantly, at the G. Barițiu County Library in Brașov (seriously, this is how it appears in the database, hopefully it is updated 🙂 ).

Until February 10, you can read Gordon Ramsay, choose a recipe, try it out with friends and loved ones (including cats :P), take a picture of it, and post it publicly on your Facebook / Instagram page with the hashtags #cookingbokclub #disasterinthekitchen #foodfriendslove and the best stories will be promoted on the official pages of the disasters. 🙂

#foodfriendslove and whatever would be, don’t forget to enjoy the food, the sun, the earth and to breath <3

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