[cakesandcoffee 27] – Pineapple Delight

Today we have to drink and celebrate. What are we celebrating? That it’s summer and holiday season, the fact that we paid our bills, we’ll find something. :)))) I found several recipes for this cocktail, all of which are a combination of rum (Bacardi and Captain Morgan), coconut flavored rum (Malibu), and pineapple juice, plus/minus

[cakesandcoffee 22] – a glass of Hugo

When you go to visit friends and instead of coffee you get a glass of Hugo and cake, it means that it was a successful visit, which must be repeated. 😛 Hugo is a cocktail that appeared in 2005 in South Tyrol and is slightly alcoholic. You need prosecco, elderberry syrup, soda or mineral water

Special ep. – Amaretto Sour

A good cocktail with amaretto and lemon juice. Yes, of course is a bit sour, like any authentic disaster. :))))) The recipe for a cocktail is as follows: 3 parts amaretto liqueur, 2 parts lemon juice mixed and poured into a glass, with or without ice. I preferred without. Garnish with a glazed cherry and