[cakesandcoffee 22] – a glass of Hugo

When you go to visit friends and instead of coffee you get a glass of Hugo and cake, it means that it was a successful visit, which must be repeated. 😛 Hugo is a cocktail that appeared in 2005 in South Tyrol and is slightly alcoholic. You need prosecco, elderberry syrup, soda or mineral water

[cakesandcoffee 13] – wild thyme and lemon tea

With wild thyme or Breckland thyme. Today in the category #cakesandcoffee we have a recipe for communion with the surrounding nature. From the hills of Dumbrăvița. 🙂 I don’t know if you’re a tea drinker. In our family, it is one of the drinks used almost all the time, not only in the cold season

[cakesandcoffee 11] – caramel tea

May March be as sweet as today’s tea. 😛 😀 🙂 In our family disaster we drink tea quite often, but they are generally herbal teas. If they are picked with your personal hands, even the better. 🙂 Burnt sugar tea or caramel tea was drunk in the camps and in the mountains, because caramel

[cakesandcoffee 4] – 3 cool coffees

If you want to impress your gang, today we have not one, but three (!!!) fancy coffee recipes. Which you can do at home without too much logistics. 🙂 Black coffee Simple, black coffee with no sugar, no milk or other additives. 🙂 It is the easiest way to make coffee. Basically you need a