Special [LesHalles] ep. – remoulade sauce with celery

A 450g celery cleaned, washed and julienned (first cut thin slices, then put them on top of each other and cut sticks). Sprinkle with lemon juice so it doesn’t oxidize and put it in a bowl. Add 100g of walnut kernels. Mix a quarter cup (60g) of mayonnaise with 2 tablespoons of mustard and a

Ep. 109 – chicken brine

Well, today I thought we’d celebrate with chicken brine. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I drool when I hear the word brine. 😛 There are different recipes on the internet, but this one is extremely simple, with 4 ingredients, chicken (boneless thighs), bell peppers (red and green), hot peppers and tomatoes. And a

Ep. 105 – chicken and baked peppers stew with polenta

Every housewife knows how to make (at least) one stew and every disaster in the kitchen knows (at least) one way to quickly burn what you have in the fridge. 🙂 From the “15-30 minutes” category, today we have a dish with a super pretentious name. The haters will tell you that a real stew

Ep. 95 – grilled polenta with cheese (bulz)

In honor of a new day off, today we have a traditional recipe, which comes from the Thracians who traveled to the new world and returned with the corn cobs back. 😛 To get it out, you need quality bellows cheese (brânză de burduf, in Romanian). At least that’s what my mother says, who is

Ep. 84 – super fast veggie borscht

Well, you definitely missed a 15 minute recipe. ? And an improvisation “disaster in the kitchen”. :)))) Look in the fridge and find about two slightly dehydrated carrots and an onion. Clean, wash, cut them into pieces with the fixed idea of making a soup-something. ? Throw the vegetables in a pot with some water

Ep. 82 – zucchini noodles with sauce

Well, it doesn’t matter the sauce – although, obviously, it was about it in the recipe on page one hundred and seventy-something, because the disaster in me lit up when saw the zucchini noodles. ? Because if we don’t burn things in the kitchen, my multiple personalities and I like to push our limits. ?

Ep. 81 – ciabatta

Chef says, let’s make ciabatta, my oven bakes better than yours. In case you didn’t know, my oven is also a small disaster, it burns everything it catches. :))) Well, said and done, I go to the home of the miracle oven and the process went as follows: Chef made ciabatta and I looked at

Ep. 75 – Oktoberfest, Bavarian feast with local ingredients

Grüß Gott, meine lieben Katzen, because since yesterday we are officially in Oktoberfest, today we have Bavarian food, directly from Kronstadt. ? Well, what to do, globalization. :)) I searched for a day through recipes to see what to choose for today and I must admit that it was extremely difficult. In the end I

Special ep. – yellow string beans with onion

Yellow string beans with onions. Episode 4. Carmen mother… Take a 401 pages book with recipes for grills, pies and other things that Americans eat at the barbecue. Okay, 376 if you don’t count the covers, the contents list and some nonsense. Read it once. Forget about it. Read it again. Think about. And conclude:

Ep. 15 – Pork Soup with Cumin

Or a kind of goulash that is not really goulash, but is close. ? I didn’t know exactly what soup to make, although I felt like a tomato soup. In the end I took a package of some pieces of meat out of the freezer, only I couldn’t find the label and from the plane

Ep. 14 – Eggplant and Beef Moussaka

I usually prefer to make lasagna, because the chance to mess it up is lower. :)) This time I said to change and make moussaka with no meat. I half boiled some new potatoes; cut the eggplant into thicker slices and put them in the oven, in the pan, on parchment paper and seasoned with