Ep. 110 – Niçoise salad

Ingredients: boiled egg, tuna, boiled potatoes, olives, red onion, tomatoes, lettuce, boiled green beans. Basically, a kind of potato salad learned in high school, with tuna, lettuce and green beans, plus a super fancy name and hard to pronounce. :)) French-inspired, it is a filling salad that looks good and eats even better. 🙂 The

Ep. 86 – bean salad

The only disaster that can happen is not to find canned beans on the shelf :)) Well, a can of red beans mix with tomatoes, red onion and green parsley, finely chopped, plus some oil and lemon or lime juice. It is eaten with tortillas (because that’s all there is in the house :))). —

Ep. 59 – office salad

Obviously I’m a big fan of salads. And more obviously I prefer food prepared from scratch, because in this way you can control the ingredients, calories, amount of salt, sugar and so on. Well, don’t think I was born with salads under my nose. ? Plus it took me a while to form some skills

Ep. 53 – crouton salad

Well, let me see, do you remember what you put in it? ? Yesssss. ❤ Canned tuna, canned corn, grated carrot and celery cut into thin slices or cubes. With regular dressing, lemon and oil. The surprise is the homemade croutons. ? Because I wanted to buy them from the store and Chef said that

Ep. 47 – salad with apples

What did the author of this picture mean? ? Well, I’ll tell you a secret, but it stays between us, okay? ? This time I made the salad, I ate it, after which I remembered that I didn’t write anywhere what I put in it… as a result I had to rummage through my memory

Special ep. – salad for when you have a cold :)

I don’t know if the cold or her older and more beastly sister, the flu, has reached you, but our last weeks they have been with pills, mucus, fever, nausea and sitting at home horizontally. A slightly more horror experience than in other years. ? Reason why, up to the prescription, if you start to

Ep. 31 – sort of tabbouleh

It is a sort of tabbouleh, because it does not have bulgur (the natives say that it must be salad with bulgur anyway and not bulgur with salad ?), although the base is all green parsley. In the Mediterranean tabbouleh, chopped parsley is mixed with green or red onions, as appropriate, some fresh mint, chopped

Special ep. – Salad for When You Travel

This time we gave up the traditional schnitzels (we have a family joke on this topic) and had a delicious salad in return (seriously, it leaves my mouth watering only when I remember it). Iceberg lettuce, grated carrot, finely chopped celery, thin slices of radishes and green parsley; put in individual casseroles and kept cold

Ep. 12 – Fish and Potatoes Salad

Chef asks me, don’t we better make a potato salad with fish? Well, what a question. :))) The recipe is inspired by Jamie Oliver and it is so good that it is worth sharing on fast forward. 😛 Some new potatoes washed well (I use a green alien as a brush) and boiled. Some fish