Ep. 103 – Bavarian pretzel with cheese sauce

When your hunger (and creativity) gnaws at you at sunset, the result is (still) an experiment #disasterinthekitchen. 🙂

Normally, if someone had invited me to a cheese sauce, I think I would have been shocked for half the day and politely refused. But because I made it, it was very good, thank you very much. :))) And I didn’t destroy anything. 😀

Well, the sauce is a combination of what was in the fridge: 1 small light yogurt, a slice of grated white cheese, half a chopped red pepper, some chopped dill and a handful of bacon. And a lot of pepper. I do not know why. That’s what I thought was the most interesting thing at the time. :))

It doesn’t need salt because the cheese is salty, as is the bacon. (You don’t have bacon, put some ham. Or don’t put and it comes out vegetarian.)

Normally the Bavarian pretzel would have been cut in half and greased with cheese sauce. But because I started baking Bavarian in the evening and I couldn’t wait for it to cool down, I ate them directly, with the pretzel in my left hand and the spoonful of sauce in my right hand. Or vice versa. 😀

It counts for daily dairy portions. For diet, less.

The Bavarian pretzel recipe can be found here.

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