Ep. 104 – Chinese with chicken [ironic]

Well, I had saved this episode for a cake, given that it’s Happy Birthday season. 🙂 We will have that episode in summer-autumn… As a result, ironically and with a day or two later, a Chinese recipe. With chicken, vegetables and rice.

Take a chicken breast, wash it, cut it, season with salt and pepper or vegeta and throw it in a pan with a little oil and ginger, finely chopped. Stir, add a couple more cloves of garlic, if you have any, then set aside in a bowl.

In another pan (or the same if you don’t feel like washing), oil, carrot noodles, parsnips, celery, peppers, mushrooms, salt/ vegeta, a little water, lid on top. When the vegetables are done (don’t destroy them!), soy sauce, some ketchup, some more water, the chicken. If you want spicy, some pickled jalapenos.

Basmati rice received ready boiled from my mother (you will probably have to boil it according to the instructions on the package 🙂 ).

As dinner.

Seasoned with half a glass of Porto wine. (The one I didn’t drink at the New Year’s Eve party two years ago, lol).

Have fun destroying recipes and stay healthy. 🙂

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂 If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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