Ep. 101 – PB&J

If I hadn’t been hit in the head by spring asthenia, I would have given you the recipe for Cosmopolitan. 🙂 That’s how you’ll have to settle for a high-calorie recipe that contains carbs, protein and fat, plus gluten and sugar. Yes, mother of all disasters in the kitchen, the American version of the classic sandwich with bread, butter and jam (or honey), PB&J. 😀

Don’t know what PB&J is? But what tv series are you watching? 😛 :)))) Peanut butter & jelly sandwich is the solution when your energy is below sea level. Preferably homemade jelly/ jam/ marmalade, because it will also have fruit, not just sugar, like the commercial products. 🙂 The same goes for peanut butter, especially if you are not a fan of palm oil (grind well, then soften with a little neutral oil to taste, eg sunflower oil, a soft or crunchy paste comes out, depending on your preferences).

Bread, plain or toasted, spread peanut butter, some jam, put the second slice of bread on top and eat.

Disaster, non-disaster, don’t exaggerate, because after that you will jump around the house and your neighbors will shout at you… 😀

PS: In the photo we have a fitness bun, homemade peanut butter and orange marmalade.

See all the kitchen disasters here. 🙂  If you try the recipe, don’t forget to post pictures on our facebook page.

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