Lessons learned

I liked what Stephen King writes in On Writing, that good ideas can come from anywhere, and that ideas that previously had nothing to do with each other can be put together for a new outcome. What he says about writing can be applied to any field – only those who have not worked with ideas can contradict it. ?

By the end of the year, 40 items will appear in the category # kitchendisaster. Some are funny, some are delicious, some are happy results of unplanned disasters, and all are from my experience this year.

The original idea was to laugh it off. In my family, everyone cooks well and very well, plus professionally. I am the catastrophe. But like me, there are others. ? And real life means a continuous process of trial and error. Those beautiful pictures on instagram or pinterest are the result of many conditions, including technical and photoshop and sometimes represent an ideal reality instead of the real one. Your result on the plate will be the result of the values ​​you believe in combined with the budget you have and less the virtual reality on social media.

For me it is important to have a regular exercise to create food from basic ingredients, because when you have a diet or many fads and a limited budget, your options are reduced proportionally.

But what I learned is that over time you become more willing to try new things and your creativity is growing. ? Also expand the variety of ingredients and recipes, self-esteem, technical knowledge, tips & tricks and possibly the number of kilograms (here we have more little work :)))) Next year maybe we expand the group of friends we do experiments on and we will do a little disaster prevention. ?

What I wrote about the 6 principles to put into practice about a healthy lifestyle and nutrition still applies.

Until the next disaster, peace, love and papaya (that avocado was unripe). 🙂

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