Ep. 26 – plum dumplings (bonus, some corn)

Assuming you haven’t made all the plums jam or brandy, it’s time to celebrate the end of September with a large pot of plum dumplings (gomboți, Zwetschgenknodel, szilvasgomboc, Knedle ze śliwkami).

While you say dumpling using all those versions, remove the kernel from the plums, leaving them, if possible, whole. ? If you don’t succeed, cut them in half, because it’s ok, instead of round things you will get some flatter and smaller things, just as tasty.

The classic recipe says that the plums are filled with sugar and cinnamon and dressed in a potato dough, after which they are boiled and when they are ready, they are covered with breadcrumbs fried with caster sugar and a little butter or oil. Then eat them hot, until you feel sick… :)))

Well, I changed the recipe (what news, Claudia :)) ), I put the cinnamon in the breadcrumbs and I took out the sugar from the inside and from the dough, leaving only the one from the breadcrumbs. You don’t have to do like me. ? Leave one spoon of sugar in the dough.

For a kilogram of plums, I made a dough from two or three large potatoes boiled in their skins, then purée and mixed with butter or margarine, 1 egg, salt, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar – optional and flour so that a dough comes out that can be spread by hand and is not extremely sticky. Don’t overdo it with flour because you don’t want a rubber dough to come out. ?

What you don’t know is that I prepared the dumplings, being extremely proud of how they looked like, after which I boiled the first round, I waited for it to rise to the surface and after a few minutes I said, it should be ready, let’s taste one… I took it, cut it and ups, the uncooked dough and the plum inside looked a bit dubious. I waited another 5 minutes, I took out another one, did the same… What a disaster, alas, what am I doing… In the end I boiled them for about half an hour, during which time I tasted half the pot :))) (eh, not really, but close: P). In round two I managed to catch time and in round three… well, I managed to stick them to the pot, as a result the dough spread a little and we had sort of plum dumplings a la Cluj… But it was good, I ate them all :)))

Can you also tell us how many kilos do you have? ? No, but I said we have bonus boiled corn, et voila! What did you do to him? Nothing at all, I washed it, put it in the pot, boiled it, then salted it a little and ate it. ?

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