Ep. 63 – feast with tortilla, salmon and…

Well, because obviously I didn’t get past the kindergarten age, no matter how hard I tried, I loved this month’s book. ❤ ❤

Which is why I cooked not one, not two, but three delicious recipes. ? About a Sunday menu. Or for when your friends visit you and you want to impress them. Assuming they’ll ignore the plating :)) (I promise we’ll get there, too, but first we have some recipes to burn in the kitchen. ?)

Breakfast Tortilla or tortilla for breakfast or an omelet with more stuff in it. Invented by the Spanish, it is an omelette with potatoes or potatoes and onions; her Italian sister is called frittata and contains several things, including meat, cheese and vegetables. Romanians have something similar called a peasant omelet.

Although the recipe included potatoes, sausages and cherry tomatoes, I put what I had in the fridge, as usual. ? In a pan with a little oil, I threw a potato, cut into cubes and let it fry lightly, then I added some diced red peppers, some leftover celery and some ready-cooked broccoli, plus two beaten eggs lightly with a fork, salt, pepper and some basil. Actually a vegetarian omelet. ?

The most complicated thing was to turn the omelet on the other side, because if it’s not burnt on both sides I can’t eat it. ? I think that another easier option is to prepare it in the oven, because it can be kept in the fridge for at least a day or two.

Salmon Parcels or salmon packets are not really packets, but salmon with Chinese vegetables and noodles. Super yummy! ? A parenthesis: from youtube I learned that there are about four possibilities to cook salmon and in time I tried them all; in the oven, in baking paper I liked the result the most, therefore the recipe here was a variation of what I had cooked before.

Buy the ready-cut and boned salmon, wash it and put it on baking paper. Put a few very thinly sliced ​​vegetables on top – carrot, ginger, red pepper and some green onions (I put red onions); season with salt, pepper, soy sauce (if it is very salty do not add salt), orange juice (I preferred to put slices of orange on top); possibly a drop of olive oil. Wrap each piece individually (hence the packages) and put in a tray, in the oven, on the right heat, about 15 minutes or more (the fish is done quickly, but it depends on the oven).

The noodles are prepared according to the instructions and can be mixed with some lightly fried sesame (I preferred without). They are the garnish to the Asian-flavored salmon. ? My picture doesn’t look very spectacular, but it is one of the recipes that I will definitely repeat, because it is made extremely quickly.

… and? The last recipe is a fusion of about 2-3 recipes with what I had around the house. :))) Well, you didn’t expect anything else, did you? ? From Crunchy Cereal I experienced the preparation of some cereals with dried fruits, seeds and honey, in the oven (I realized that as sweet as they are, I have supplies for about a year ?); after which I saw the recipe for Apple Crumble Sundae, which combines in layers ripe apples, ice cream, cereals and caramel sauce (another option is with yogurt, strawberries and cereals).

My variant was with half-frozen blackberries, ice cream from Lidl and crunchy cereal. I’ve tried with kiwi before, but it seemed too sweet – I think the fruit in this combination should be slightly sour. Or ice cream to be sherbet and very few cereals. ? Of course, for those of us who don’t take sugar regularly. ?

The recipes are from the third book proposed at the cookingbookclub in May / June Ultimate Children’s Cookbook. The next book appears in early July.

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