Ep. 64 – biscuit salami (chocolate salami)

Well and what do we have here? Biscuit salami. ❤

Childhood dessert, comfort food, de-li-ci-ous, are all synonymous for the same thing, an easy dessert to make, whose recipe I learned in secondary school. Yes, I had some kind of cooking/ housekeeping classes from which I didn’t learn much, except the recipes for biscuit salami, boeuf salad and stuffed eggs. Plus the elements of an iron. ? (No, I didn’t go to school in the 50’s…)

1 kg of popular biscuits (they are per kilogram, at Auchan), they are broken into pieces and/ or passed through a mincer (half and half). In a saucepan, heat, melt and mix 3-400 ml of milk, 300g of sugar (or less, because the cookies are sweet), 3 tbsp. of cocoa and 250g of margarine. Mix the biscuits with the cream, and two vials of rum essence. You can add nuts, chopped Turkish delight, dried fruit. Or sour cherries. Roll bars of salami in cellophane and refrigerate for a few hours. If you want to make a larger quantity, you can freeze part of it for several weeks.

It can’t be a disaster, because if you put too many biscuits, you prepare extra-cream and if you put too much cream, you add more biscuits. ?

The salami in the picture was made by my mother and is part of a series of several attempts, the most successful being the one in which the percentage of cherries was almost similar to that of biscuits. :))))

If you make biscuit salami, don’t hesitate to call me. 🙂

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