Special ep. – peach jam

Well, I said it would be the easiest thing. I made quince jam in five minutes, so it would be the same. :)))) Yessss… or maybe not really. ?

2 kilograms of peaches, well washed and cleaned of seeds and peeled (kept for a few minutes in hot water), plus 1 kilogram of nectarines. Plus 1 kilogram of 1:1 gelling sugar and half a lemon juice.

They should have been minced, but I was lazy, so I had to blend them when I saw that although they boiled, they are still whole pieces. The problem no. two is that they left quite a lot of juice and that – problem three – I should have boiled them without sugar and add it only at the end, because my stuff had to be mixed continuously, because it tended to stick nonstop. ?

In two jars I also put both mint and basil. Something will come out. ?

Are you going to do it again? Yes, I will do, peach pie. :)))

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