[cakesandcoffee 13] – wild thyme and lemon tea

With wild thyme or Breckland thyme.

Today in the category #cakesandcoffee we have a recipe for communion with the surrounding nature. From the hills of Dumbrăvița. 🙂

I don’t know if you’re a tea drinker. In our family, it is one of the drinks used almost all the time, not only in the cold season or when you have a cold. 🙂 That’s why we have a special cupboard with many kinds of teas, some from the shop – which all tend to have the same taste, regardless of their brand/ firm/ price – and others from plants, harvested from the hills and plains of the homeland.

Well, you can pick wild thyme around Brașov or from the shelf. 🙂

The tea is an infusion of herbs, e.g. for a cup you put a teaspoon of herbs and pour hot water on top, after which you wait about 5 minutes for it to infuse. For maximum effects, add two or three slices of lemon. And if you like it sweet, a teaspoon of honey.

It is best done in the morning, strained, refrigerated and consumed throughout the day. 🙂 On hot days in Brasov. :)))))

PS: Do you see that I have not lost my humor, despite the pandemic, the dubious weather and the huge amounts of lemons that I eat? 😛

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