[cakesandcoffee 11] – caramel tea

May March be as sweet as today’s tea. 😛 😀 🙂

In our family disaster we drink tea quite often, but they are generally herbal teas. If they are picked with your personal hands, even the better. 🙂

Burnt sugar tea or caramel tea was drunk in the camps and in the mountains, because caramel washing was the fastest, most practical and energetic drink. Good for the cold and kids. Although nowadays giving your child a drink made of water and sugar is a super horror idea. 🙂

I tried to make it at home, to see if I could drink something like that again. Yes, I’m a bit of a masochist. :)))))

For a cup of tea I used two teaspoons of caster sugar caramelized in a kettle. When the sugar is a colorful syrup (be careful, the process is super fast, don’t burn the caramel!), I added a cup of cold water and let it boil and melt the caramel. The water was very beautifully colored, the taste being sweet, slightly fragrant wash. Lol.

I drank a couple of mouthfuls and kept the rest for the syrup for cakes. :))))

This shows that some experiments are a disaster from start to finish. 😛

If you’ve been drinking caramel tea and you’re a fan, leave me a comment: did you add something else, e.g. lemon? Did you use other amounts of sugar? When was the last time you drank? 🙂

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