[greenkitchen3] – this year I eat more veggies and fruits

“I don’t eat vegetables.” I have heard this statement several times from people of different ages and I still do not understand what is it with vegetables and fruits in the diet of the natives. Because the traditional Romanian cuisine contains many recipes with vegetables and fruits. And we love potatoes with a lot of bread, but from time to time it goes with a salad. Even on the magical Transylvanian land. :)))))

Today’s episode of our green kitchen, from which we only throw food when we really have to and seldom rarely and where we exercise our creativity, including in the use of leftover food, is dedicated to the greenest foods: vegetables and fruits, which should not be missing from our diet, even if we are ferocious carnivores and not vegans. 🙂


I buy more vegetables and fruits

I buy vegetables and fruits first, then the rest

I buy fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits and canned/ frozen in the off-season

I buy vegetables and fruits from local producers as much as possible


I cook with more vegetables

I cook with fruits (pineapple pizza, anyone? 😀 )

I cook so that half of the daily plate is vegetables and a fruit


I order with more vegetables

I order fruit for dessert, instead of sweets or smoothies

I order salad as a main course, not just a side dish

Well, and how does the kitchen get greener from our consumption of vegetables and fruits? First of all, we will cook healthier, according to the nutritional guidelines in use, because it means a higher intake of vitamins, especially when we vary the vegetables consumed. And no, just fries from McD don’t count.

Secondly, if we increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, it helps us keep our kilograms within normal limits. And at the same time, reduce protein and carbohydrate intake. And if we eat less meat, our carbon emissions also go down. Win-win.

The planet does not want you to be vegan, but it does suggest a moderate consumption of everything. Like a shaorma of common sense. In addition, there are already many vegan alternatives if you want to experiment. Personally, I am a fan of cooking from scratch and less with semi-prepared foods, because you can control what you put in your food, and salt, sugar and fats. And I also think there are enough recipes on the internet to help you even when you’re not very creative.

At tomorrow’s #cookingbookclub we will have a proposal that you will like, suitable for cooking with vegetables and fruits. And I think there are a lot of episodes #disasterinthekitchen over which you can take a look as inspiration.

#letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green. Read all the episodes here. And if you’re a beginner disaster, here is a crash class in cooking.

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