Cookingbookclub 21

Welcome back to the 21st edition of #cookingbookclub directly from our green kitchen. I hope you did not put the spinach on the fire and that you stocked up on salads because this month we are learning to cook as many vegetables and fruits as possible and we are trying recipes from Giada de Laurentiis!

Vegetables, lots of vegetables, wait… how many vegetables???

I don’t know how you are doing in this regard, but I eat vegetables and fruits regularly. And green stuff – without any eco tint – and stuff of other colors, depending on what is in season, what I find at the supermarket and on price. Where I still have to work is to streamline the process – what to buy and cook, to satisfy my needs, desires and whims – so that I throw away as little as possible.

Because fruits and vegetables are extremely perishable, including those with thousands of chemicals.

For those like me, the challenge is to cook everything, and not throw away, to be creative and reduce the consumption of protein from animal sources and carbohydrates. According to the theory, half of the plate should be fruits and vegetables.

Should we become vegans or vegetarians? At the moment, we like carnivores, if we are a little more responsible. 🙂

Giada de Laurentiis is a perfect proposal, because she cooks Italian, and I am a fan of pasta and I have no problem combining them with many vegetables and fruits. :))))) Get recipes from here, from her website. Or you can find her on Insta and in bookstores.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you try a recipe and you like it very much. Mine are coming next month – get ready for so maaaaaany recipes. :))))

#cookingbookclub #letsgetgreen! because this year our kitchen is turning green.

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