[crashcourseincooking 4] – the cooking

I go into the kitchen with a lot of energy, I’m cooking today! How to cook as fast and easy as possible? How do I organize myself and avoid accidents? And how do I make sure that I am not putting my kitchen on fire? And don’t burn the food? 🙂

Cooking itself is a physical and emotional experience. First of all, it takes physical effort, to be able to clean and cut the ingredients, measure, mix and observe everything that happens, so that the result is according to the recipe and especially edible and tasty. Secondly, it is an experience that can take you through many feelings, including frustration, if it does not come out what you thought would come out or on the contrary, triumph and joy, if the result is appropriate. Less when you see how many dishes you have to wash at the end… 😛

For the process to be smooth, you need a little organization. You will take out the necessary utensils in the work area, which must be clean and the ingredients, according to the recipe. Then, depending on what you cook, you will prepare the ingredients – clean and wash meat, vegetables and fruits, etc., weigh if necessary and follow all the preparatory instructions in the recipe. If you cook several recipes at once, do the same for all of them (although it’s a good idea to start with one recipe and then move on to running several at the same time).

Only then do you move on to the next step, using the stove/ oven, etc. You will need to be careful about the various accidents that may occur during cooking (e.g. cutting your fingers, slipping on running water, burning yourself on the stove), especially if you are working with an open flame. 🙂 Recipe times also depend on the appliances used, over time you will learn if you need more time or less.

You can cook every day or you can cook one or two days a week and store the food in the refrigerator or freezer for a long time. Also by cooking you will learn to adapt recipes or quantities and to improvise. And sometimes it’s okay to be a disaster, next time it will turn out perfectly. 🙂

Cooking is completed when the dish is ready, the utensils are washed and the work area is cleaned.

The planning we talk about in Episode 5 helps the most.

No matter how disastrous you are, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen (or you can burn your friends’ kitchen, no problem :P). Read here all the episodes of the CRASH COURSE IN COOKING brought to you by #disasterinthekitchen. And get to work, come on, we want to see some photos! 🙂

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