[crashcourseincooking 5] – the planning

It’s not just the cooking itself that goes fast and easy if you follow the same simple steps. How do I plan my shopping? How do I make the most of my kitchen space? What about the freezer and the pantry? How do I stop throwing food?

If you start from scratch, the first time you will choose an easy recipe, you will make a shopping list, you will go to the supermarket, you will buy what you need, after which you will cook and consume the food. If it remains, you will keep the leftovers in the fridge and consume them the next day. If you buy too many ingredients, keep them in the pantry/ cupboard or refrigerator as needed.

In time, you will learn to plan so that you have a shopping list when you go to the store, which helps you to fit in the budget, not to waste time on the shelf and to buy as much as you need, according to the recipes. Of course you can deviate from the list, when sometimes you find a thing you like or discounts. It is ideal to buy seasonal and varied. Especially when you get tired of steak and potatoes. 🙂

Another advantage of planning is that you will buy ingredients as much as you cook and a little extra; or you will buy larger quantities of non-perishable products (eg flour, sugar, etc.), which you can store in the kitchen/ pantry. The important thing is to be able to cook and consume within the warranty period or before it breaks down, otherwise you risk throwing away unused ingredients (you better donate them before they expire, if you have a habit of buying too many things).

When you move on to the planned menus, you will see that you can partially cook the ingredients, store them in boxes, in the fridge/ freezer and finish them on the day they are consumed. You will learn this along the way with the developed creativity of generating different recipes from similar ingredients. 🙂

For all those who are prepared for deeds, not words, here’s a bonus: Episode 6, the magic salad’s formula!

No matter how disastrous you are, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen (or you can burn your friends’ kitchen, no problem :P). Read here all the episodes of the CRASH COURSE IN COOKING brought to you by #disasterinthekitchen. And get to work, come on, we want to see some photos! 🙂

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