[crashcourseincooking 2] – the recipes

I have a kitchen equipped with all the utensils, but what should I cook? Do I buy cookbooks? Do I search for recipes on the internet? Do I call my mother (father)? Or do I call my neighbor from the second floor? 🙂

Many of us have learned to cook from our parents or grandparents, so the recipes are approximative and transmitted orally. There are also recipes that require exact measured ingredients – especially for cakes – and you will find them in the famous family’s recipe books. Inherited by the grandchildren, who prefer to buy food rather than to cook it. 🙂

That’s why it’s easiest to call your family or friends and cook with them. It doesn’t matter if you sit behind them, if you stress them out with phones or Zoom calls. The important thing is to have someone to guide you.

If this does not work, then go to books and the internet. Or both, because sometimes, after reading the recipe in a book, you can see how it is made or variations of it on Youtube.

It helps if you start cooking simple recipes: salads, soups, fast food, with seasonal ingredients, so that the instructions are easy to understand, the process as fast as possible, and the result is edible. If it takes too long or is too complicated, your motivation will quickly disappear; if the food turns out to be a disaster, you will definitely not start a second time and then the whole exercise is in vain. 🙂

Make a list of the foods you like: Romanian, Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, etc. and choose a few recipes to try. Or look for recipes from your favorite chef. Be aware that not all recipes end up looking like those on Instagram or Pinterest.

The easiest way is to cook things you’ve eaten before. This way you will have a term of comparison.

There are endless possibilities for recipes and over time you will see that you can unleash your creativity and cook freely, from what you find in the store. You will discover how to adapt recipes and you will also be able to cook complex recipes.

It is also useful to read the recipe several times before you start using it.

We have the utensils and recipes, let’s see in Episode 3 what the must-have ingredients are.

No matter how disastrous you are, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen (or you can burn your friends’ kitchen, no problem :P). Read here all the episodes of the CRASH COURSE IN COOKING brought to you by #disasterinthekitchen. And get to work, come on, we want to see some photos! 🙂

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