Ep. 94 – granola bars

In recent years I have tried different options to make granola bar (or cereal bars/ flapjack/ muesli bar) and I am still working to find the perfect recipe. 🙂

For a while I bought similar bars from the store, the problem with them is the very large amount of sugar, to which are added the wonderful ingredients, such as palm oil and many e-s. So at one point I started experimenting with different ingredients, with roughly similar results.

For the version in the pictures, we combined oatmeal and wheat flakes (I recommend only oatmeal, wheat is harder), different seeds (there are packages with a mixture of seeds in the store, if you do not want to buy them separately) and peanuts, plus cranberries. You can use a mixture of cereals, nuts and dried fruits/ muesli – from those that are ready for breakfast (again, the problem with most is sugar). Or mixtures used as snacks – but your recipe may be more expensive.

Flakes, seeds and fruits are mixed with fat and carbohydrates, respectively butter/ oil/ coconut oil and honey/ brown sugar syrup/ variants – I put some coconut oil, homemade peanut butter and some honey. The composition is spread on a baking sheet and baked for a few minutes in the oven, until it changes color slightly. Normally it should be cut into pieces… which to me, being a small disaster, did not come out. :))) Another option is to portion before putting in the oven.

If I came up with something super sweet – and I’m trying to keep my sugar under control, imagine most of the similar recipes you find on the internet (I suggest you cut down on as much sugar as you can).

To be used as a snack (but in small quantities), especially before medium and high physical effort. (Computer typing does not count :P)

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