Cookingbookclub 2 | Bourdain’s recipes :)

The second book proposed at the cookingbookclub in March / April was Appetites: A Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain.

I don’t know how you are, but every time I (re)read Bourdain I get incredibly hungry. :)) Problem number 2 is that I would cook all the recipes (but who else climbs the scales, whoooo ?: D), only that, fortunately, when I look at the ingredients, I discover that there are many things/ combinations with which I’m fighting. So the dilemma is solved like the ness. Instant. :))

However, in record time (obvious sarcasm, for those who accidentally hit this blog), I managed to spoil (only) about 2 recipes. I turned a garnish of beets and oranges into a salad (it has fewer calories if it is called a salad – wink wink ?) and in addition I invented a shaorma with pork, arugula and quince. (LOL)

My friends didn’t give up and tried a potato salad and, surprise, ratatouille. ? Absolutely delicious pictures and stories in the special episodes from the coming days. ❤

And if I made you want to read and try new recipes – because that’s what we’re talking about in our club, stay close. ?

The next virtual meeting of our club will be at the beginning of May.

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