Ep. 40 – quick puff pastry with apples

We celebrate the beginning of the new year with episode 40 from the series of personal kitchen disasters ? Who would have thought I was such a… disaster? Well, not even me. :)))

Today, what else, a quick dessert with apples. ?

We buy frozen puff pastry from Kaufland – find their brand of pastry that has 6 portioned sheets; any dough can be used, only it must be portioned. Left to thaw and spread a little with the twister.

Put hardened apples on top (peeled apples, grated, hardened, with a little cinnamon; if you want them sweeter, add sugar; if you want them more fancy, add raisins or cranberries; they must be soft and no longer have juice).

Put 2-3 tablespoons of hardened apples on a piece of puff pastry, rolled, cut on top and put in the pan in the oven, on the medium heat, on a baking sheet sprinkled with a little water. About 15-20 minutes or more, as appropriate.

From two large sheets of dough (2 x 400g) and 11 grated apples came out 4 large pieces in the stove tray.

Of course you can prepare the apples in advance and freeze them, for when you want a quick dessert. ?

There is only one problem: it eats disastrously fast :)))

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