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Well, this year I have a new challenge. For me and my friends. ❤ More precisely a cookingbookclub, which will combine, what else, reading and cooking with kitchen disasters. :))

In short, for a year we will read 6 books together and we will cook – I hope – interesting and appetizing things. In the most unfortunate case, we only look at the pictures, we have the exercise from instagram. :)) We will post the pictures of the tried recipes on this blog, as a memory. ?

I chose books in English, with many pictures, with various recipes from international cuisine; regardless of whether you are carnivorous, vegetarian, vegan, pegan (please no!), on a diet, etc. I think you will have a choice; if not, on this occasion you will learn to be creative and to adapt. ? This is also true when you will not find – maybe – all the ingredients and you will want to change the recipe. Bonus: we have a Chef available, who helps us with answers to questions and dilemmas (does he know? No, but he’ll find out when he reads the article) ❤ We will have a month available to experience and take photos (is a must); pictures, recipe names and possible stories must reach me by the deadline. ?

The first book I propose to you is Whiskey in a Teacup: What Growing Up in the South Taught Me About Life, Love & Baking Biscuits by Reese Witherspoon.

Reese’s book is actually the reason for starting the reading and cooking club. I liked how she talks about the region she comes from, about friendship, about family, about pets, about how to combine them with a successful career and about recipes that remind of all the beautiful moments in her life. And I thought that I also have many friends around the world and that we don’t have to see each other face to face – although it would be nice – but we can do it in another form, sharing the pleasure of destroying recipes in the kitchen. Plus the cover is pink.

The deadline for reading, choosing a recipe, trying, photographing and sending feedback is February 10. ? Give me a message to tell you where to find the book. ?

We are already 5 and a half in the cookingbookclub, but I hope to be as many as possible. ?

Extra questions:

Can we try more recipes? Sure, but al least one is a must.

Is it mandatory to burn what we cook? Preferably not. ?

Can we call you to taste what we cook? Ooooo, yessss, especially if they’re cakes. ?

Will we have cooking events together at this club? Hmm, we’ll talk.

Until the next book, have fun to kitchen disasters and tasty reading. ❤ ? ?

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