Ep. 39 – the last one in 2018 :)

The end of this year is with stuffed cabbage, pickles, potatoes – the good ones made in a tray and cakes. ? And with the realization that so, disastrously, the kitchen has been warm and good since last year and until now. What I wish you for next year. ❤

I am not gonna tell you how I was about to burn the pretzels – but I didn’t burn them, just browned them ? – or that the Greta Garbo cake (Zserbó szelet) didn’t turn out as good as my grandma’s, because next time will be perfect. ?

What I can tell you is that I had a lot of fun trying various recipes this year. ? The process is sometimes much more interesting than the final product, but when you do one thing at a time, it’s like climbing Everest. :)) Plus it’s a way to eat healthy (a debatable concept nowadays), to control calories as much as possible and to reduce the amount of food thrown away.

My favorite books of 2018 as a source of inspiration were The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook and The Skinnytaste Cookbook, in addition to Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain. Plus the family’s recipes. ?

And next year? ? 2019 recipes, of course, because I’m tired of politics. ? And don’t forget, if you burn something it’s not a disaster, it’s an experience. ❤

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