Special ep. – Cherry Jam

As long as we can find cherries / sour cherries in the market. ?

The process was a long and elaborate disaster. I picked the cherries with these two little hands. For some long hours, although I did not perceive the passage of time, only the roaring song of the rooster (boy, this one sings during the day too, who would have thought. :)))) After which I got home. And I thought that in two steps and three movements I would peel a box of cherries. Big mistake, huge mistake. :)))) Around 9 pm, I was waiting for the sugar to melt and bring the cherries to a boil. Something that happened in about 3 rounds, due to insufficient utensils. :))) Then came a new day, to put bones, muscles and joints in place, such as robocop, and a new disaster – look for jars, call a friend, because they are not enough, wash the jars, sterilize them, boil the jam, it doesn’t thicken, what do we do, call our friend again. :))) Finally I did the test with the fridge (put the jam in the fridge and if it thickens, it’s done :)))) and the result was not so disastrous. Victory!!!

I saw that the local recipes use 1 to 1 ratio – a kilogram of fruit for a kilogram of sugar and cooked until they thicken, plus some lemon as a preservative. Germans are more normal, usually use 1 to 2 – half a kilo of sugar with gelfix to a kilo of fruit, left to sit for 2 hours, boiled for 4 minutes and put in a jar. I put 350g of sugar per kilo of fruit plus half gelfix 3in1, but I boiled the fruits with sugar until it reduced to about a third of the amount.

What I didn’t understand is why is palm oil in gelfix ???? Honestly, you can find palm oil in everything, it’s absurd…

The final disaster was also a lesson in physics – can textiles carry the liquid from the tea? Yes, they can. :))) But can they do the same with the jam? Yes, the can do it, too. :))))

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