[crashcourseincooking 6] – salad’s magic formula

For me, salads are simply magical, because you can have n-combinations and arrangements, they are made in the blink of an eye, they are nutritious, for all whims, cravings and allergies; In addition, you can cook them in the harshest conditions, even outdoors, without too many utensils.

So here’s the formula:

potatoes, pasta, rice, tortillas or croutons (carbs) + vegetables (veggies) + meat, fish, egg, cheese, beans, chickpeas (protein) + dressing, spices.

Here are just a few ingredient ideas for each category. If you like risks, you can also add fruit in the veggies category.

Absolutely magical!!! 🙂

You can try other recipes without fear of destroying or burning them, which is what I usually do. :)) Read all the recipes tried in the #disasterinthekitchen club or get inspired by the recipes adapted to #cookingbookclub. If you are a fan of sweets, read the #cakesandcoffee episodes.

And don’t forget that the most famous recipes were cooking accidents. 🙂

No matter how disastrous you are, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen (or you can burn your friends’ kitchen, no problem :P). Read here all the episodes of the CRASH COURSE IN COOKING brought to you by #disasterinthekitchen. And get to work, come on, we want to see some photos! 🙂

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