Ep. 133 – Peasant Soup with Potatoes and Leek

In the original recipe, a ton of chopped leeks (11 cups) is sautéed in 6 tablespoons of butter, then you add a tablespoon of flour and cook for another 2 minutes, put about 1 kg of potatoes cut into large pieces and cover with 5 cups of chicken soup; season with salt, pepper and bay leaf. At the end, when the potatoes are cooked, you can add pieces of sausage (being a Polish recipe, kielbasa – you have to go to the Poles after them ?) or a cup of boiled white beans.

Well, as fast as you say disaster, I changed the recipe. :)))) It seems logical to me, the idea is to eat it, not to throw it in the trash. ?

I sautéed leek in a little sunflower oil, but a much smaller amount, I added potatoes and recycled chicken soup – SPECIALLY made for this recipe !!! – more precisely the juice. ? I kept the rest of the spices, because there was ok and I added some more vegeta, from the one that doesn’t have a lot of salt. I ignored the fried flour. At the last step I put some semi-smoked sausages, fried separately… because disaster as I am, if I haven’t bought such things lately, I found out that the one I bought were fresh and could not be put in soup like that. :)))))

The combination of potatoes and beans seems criminal to me. :))))) But I have a hunch it will reappear in some South American recipe. ?

This soup is suitable for a rainy and slightly cold day. :))) For Transylvanians it looks like a lengthened potato stew, in which someone put too much onion. :)))))

If you want to make it vegan, put vegetable soup and ignore the sausages at the end (you can add the beans, because only potato juice with leeks…). ?

The recipe is from America’s Test Kitchen.

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