Cookingbookclub 11| Gennaro’s Recipes

As you remember this year we cook from #321sourcesofinspiration, the number five source being Gennaro Contaldo’s recipes.

I really like Gennaro because everything is very simple with him. ? The truth is that food must be edible, nutritious, full of nutrients, not just an Instagram picture. People cooked food because they needed energy and because it is a way to socialize and relax for a few minutes a day between tasks. This recent nonsense of ours, of eating everything as if the bears are chasing you, of putting all the crap in us, full of chemicals and not appreciating the food, as long as there are millions of people who have nothing to eat and are forced to survive with nothing, well, it already has unsuspected effects, which are seen in obesity, in dependence on sugar and salt and in the fact that there are generations who do not know how to burn anything in the kitchen. ?

Gennaro has many simple recipes, easy to cook, fast and with few ingredients. Of course, he is Italian, so in one form or another, it’s all pasta. :)))) I saved some fish recipes, which looked disastrously good, for another time. ?

And did you have a pasta party? I had a pasta party. ? ?

Linguini with tomatoes and mozzarella

I used spaghetti no. 5 from Barilla, they were the first ones I got my hands on in the pantry while I was on the phone (I have to get rid of this habit). In the pan, put olive oil, a clove of garlic and some chilli (hot peppers from the market are very good), any type of tomatoes (if you don’t find cherry or Roma tomatoes), cut them and add into the pan, let everything cook a little to mix the flavors, add pasta, some mozzarella, some basil. Real disaster!!! ?

Pasta All’amatriciana

Also spaghetti, because otherwise I use short pasta and Romanian macaroni didn’t seem right to me. ? You can also use bucatini or rigatoni, he says on the internet. In the pan put olive oil, garlic, chopped onion and some chopped kaizer (pancetta or bacon), pour over chopped tomatoes or tomato broth, add pasta, pecorino (if you eat). I didn’t burn them, but they were a disaster! ?

Pasta with tomatoes and olives

It’s not from Gennaro, it’s from Italian nonnas and it’s also with pasta, plus I had to finish some olives from the fridge. :))) I didn’t make the pasta, I used what I had in the house. In the pan put garlic, hot peppers, chopped colored tomatoes, olive oil, capers and olives. Finally add the pasta and some chopped green parsley. I ate until I said disaster! ?

The next virtual meeting of our club will be at the beginning of November.

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